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This past Spring (2015) we were in the midst of applying for a third year of residency at the Beacon Hill Friends House when another interesting possibility presented itself: Living across the hall from our daughter, Kate, her husband, Marton, and their two children, Leila and Mateo.

Neither possibility was a sure thing.

The Friends House admits new residents for two years, with the opportunity to apply for a third year and then a fourth year, with the total stay capped at four years. We felt we’d been contributing members of the community and figured we’d be able to extend beyond our first two years.

Kate and family, meanwhile, had their eye on a nice old courtyard complex near Coolidge Corner, just a few miles from Beacon Hill. It turned out that two apartments across the hall from each other would soon be available. With the Boston area rental market nearly as overheated as the real estate sales scene, we knew we’d have to act fast. So we did, and here we are.carol-and-bill-mitchell-w-granddaughter-leila

As much as we loved living at the Friends House, this new adventure in multi-generational living was too good an opportunity to pass up.

As we did with A Year in a Room, we’ll do our best with Across the Hall to address not only the particulars of, well, life across the hall, but some larger questions about how we all live with one another.

We hope you’ll join us along the way.

6 thoughts on “About Across the Hall

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  2. Thanks for breaking the trail on how to live outside the usual boundaries that define work, home, retirement and meaning in the US. I love following and learning from your journey.

  3. Just read your essay “Near and Dear” in the Globe Magazine. Couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment for us—after two years of searching, and almost at the point when we felt it would never happen, my husband and I found a two-family home with our only daughter, her husband, and her two boys (2 1/2 and 5 1/2). We’ve heard the same comments from friends, and we’ve harbored the same concerns about maintaining our privacy. But the rich life that you describe in that piece is precisely what we look forward to once we’ve moved in. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. Hi Bill
    I loved the Globe Magazine article! I share a two family house with daughters family and kids. What a blessing it is.
    We have a “Growing Grandparents” group over at United Parish in Brookline near Coolidge Corner. About 16 couples or individuals who moved from all over US to live with or near their kids. After the article came out, some of us were wondering if you would be able to join us sometime when we meet?

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